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"The American Society of Appraisers is the country's oldest multi-disciplinary appraisal certifying organization and has a strict code of ethics as well as a stringent re-certification program which is required at 5 year intervals. This program assures up to date gemological and valuation competence of all senior members."

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The task of assuring every consumer fair treatment in the purchase, insurance, probate and/or sale of their jewelry is this appraiser’s first concern. Operating under a meaningful Code of Ethics notifies the world that the appraiser is beyond reproach and dedicated to the task in service to the client.

--Edward M. Czarnetzky

The American Society of Appraisers is committed to fostering professional excellence in its membership through education, accreditation, publication and other services. Its prestige is intended to contribute to the growth of its membership and to the appraisal profession.

--The American Society of Appraisers

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